Business Code of Conduct

Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries adhere to the virtures and standards of business operations and is aware of good conduct in order to maintain promote honor and the reputation of the Company, supporting the creation of ethical and correct standards respect the law as well as not participating in any form of corruption.

This Business Code of Conduct is considered a part of the Company’s good governance policy. It is created as a guideline and best practice to be followed by the Board of Directors, executives, and employees of the Company. It serves as a standard for rigorous compliance in order to foster sustainable business growth for the Company in the future by having ethical practices of the Board of Directors, the executives and employees as a guideline for performing duties in accordance with the mission with integrity both the treatment of the Company and all groups of stakeholders. Also, following up on the implementation of the aforementioned guidelines, the Company has announced and notified all employees to strictly follow including a disciplinary penalty. The details are as follows:

1) To adhere to fine virtues and morals
2) To be self-disciplined, to be well aware of their own duties, to respect the rights of their own and others’, and to realize that discipline upkeep is a kind of behavior improvement not punishment
3) To perform any legal duties assigned with fidelity, and ethical judgement, and to keep the Company’s image unblemished
4) Not to directly or indirectly have a deliberate intention to harm, destroy or erode other persons’ reputation, progress or business
5) To implement the leadership skill in business operation by utilizing the employees’ proficiency as a tool to achieve the organization’s success, not for personal interests
6) Should there be a personal interest, the fact of such interest is to be immediately reported to the Company, and the employees ought not to get involved with other business activities that may lead to a conflict of interest or deteriorate their work efficiency.
7) To create the work atmosphere that encourages opinion exchanges, creativity, innovative ideas suggestion, as well as sensible, righteous and impartial decision making
8) Not to disclose confidential information obtained by authority for own benefits, or to implement the same in the manner that may damage the Company’s reputation
9) To always realize that, in business operation, one does not commit only to his own duties or the business owner, but also to the purchasers, suppliers, shareholders, customers and employees; therefore, mutual benefits of these groups become the major guideline of the business operation as a whole
10) To be responsible for the performances of oneself and subordinates
11) To seek, improve and increase the personal capability and perform duties with knowledge, proficiency, and appropriate standard as being set for the position with attentiveness and responsibility for one’s and the Company’s progress
12) To plan, set up and analyze work objectives to achieve the Company’s goal while heeding the moral and professional ethics as well as the culture of relevant parties in the organization
13) To maintain and be attentive to the health, security, bio-hygiene and environment of the whole organization, and to keep the workplace in a tidy, exquisite and healthful condition
14) To maximize the effective and efficient deployment of the Company’s resources