JTS Provides Solar Cell, Solar For Future project: Sustainable Living with Solar Energy, to Khaoyai School, Kanchanaburi Province

         Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, President of Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited or “JTS,” led a team of management and employees to provide solar cell in the project of Solar For Future: Sustainable Living with Solar Energy, during the 1/2566 event. JTS had installed solar cells together with providing the sports equipment and educational media for basic electricity learning to children. Additionally, a meal program was organized for the students of Khaoyai School, located in Tambon Khok Tabong, Amphoe Tha Maka, Kanchanaburi Province. The activity was honored by Mr. Sorraaut Panprem, a Village Head of Khok Tabong Subdistrict, Mr. Ekachai Changchao, Chief Executive of Khok Tabong Subdistrict Administration Organization, Mr. Somporn Pilasan, Director of the Kanchanaburi Primary Educational Service Area Office 2, and his collaborator, Mr. Nonphoom Promdaen, the school director, and teachers, the school committee, and parents.

        Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, President, stated, “In this Solar For Future: Sustainable Living with Solar Energy, our Company is pleased to provide the solar cell electricity generation system as a contribution towards driving sustainability for the personnel and community of Wat Kao Yai as the first place in this project, in line with the objectives of Solar For Future: Sustainable Living with Solar Energy. We are committed to continuing this project in the future, extending it to many schools nationwide.”