JTS Group Executive Talk X Buddy Bunny Year

           On February 14th, JTS Group, which consists of Jasmine Technology Solutions Public Company Limited, and its subsidiaries, Jastel Network Company Limited and Cloud Computing Solutions Company Limited, held an event called “JTS Group Executive Talk X Buddy Bunny Year” to raise awareness and understanding of the organization’s vision and business direction, as well as the strategies that will lead JTS Group to success for all employees. The event was honored by Mr. Subhoj Sunyabhisithkul, Chairman of the Executive Committee (Acting) of Jasmine International Public Company Limited and President of Jastel Network Co., Ltd., Mr. Terasak Jerauswapong, Vice President of Jastel Network Co., Ltd., and Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, President of Jasmine Technology Solutions PCL. and Cloud Computing Solutions Co., Ltd. They spoke intimately on stage with the same goal in mind. In addition, the event provided employees with the opportunity to ask questions and engage in direct Q&A with high-level executives.

         In addition, the activity also added relaxation with the Buddy Bunny game, which promoted good relationships among employees from various departments within the company, resulting in effective communication, teamwork, and mutual support, leading to sustainable happiness within the organization.