JTS Group Leads Greenhouse Gas Management, Driving Sustainable Development to a Low-Carbon Society

JTS Group, including Jasmine Technology Solution PCL. (JTS), Jastel Networks Co., Ltd. (JasTel), and Cloud Computing Solutions Co., Ltd. (CCS), successfully obtained the Carbon Footprint Organization (CFO) certification for complying with the standards and requirements set by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). The certification was granted under the TGO Guidance of the Carbon Footprint for Organization, signifying their commitment to sustainable carbon management practices.

In recognition of this achievement, Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, the President of Jasmine Technology Solution PLC., is a representative of JTS Group to receive the Carbon Footprint Organization (CFO) certificate from Mr. Kiatchai Maitriwong, the Executive Director of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization.

Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, the President of Jasmine Technology Solution PLC. or JTS Group, stated about the Company’s commitment to driving the organization towards sustainable business operations in the “Low Carbon Society” context. The Company has set long-term goals, aiming for Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and striving for Net Zero by 2060. Recognizing the importance of fostering innovative low-carbon technologies to replace conventional ones, the Company is dedicated to promoting creativity and efficiency-enhancing innovations within its operations throughout its business endeavors. Moreover, the Company has implemented a carbon footprint calculation mechanism provided by TGO to establish a greenhouse gas emissions database derived from its operational processes. This data serves as a guideline and forms the basis for effective management strategies to reduce emissions and optimize the entire value chain with utmost efficiency.

The Company is firmly committed to being a driving force in propelling Thailand towards a low-carbon society. It also aims to instill a sense of consciousness among its employees regarding the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental stewardship. This commitment is aimed at achieving long-term and sustainable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.