Corporate Governance

        Board of Directors, executives and all employees of Jasmine Technology Solutions Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries place importance and awareness on good corporate governance principles in accordance with the regulatory of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”). This includes aligning with the good corporate governance principles for Listed Companies in 2017 (CG Code) of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Therefore, the Company has established a policy for good corporate governance to ensure sustainable business growth and efficiency, while being responsible to all stakeholders and a key factor in maximizing long-term value and returns for shareholders.
     The Company hereby assures that it will conduct and operate its business in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance, taking into account the key factors that contribute to success and shared responsibility. Additionally, the Company has established a policy framework suitable and aligned with the good corporate governance standards of Thai Listed Companies, which have been developed and revised in 2023 to elevate overall corporate governance practices, in line with changing trends arising from business operations, the environment, situations, or laws both domestically and internationally, utilizing the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) principles of good corporate governance for SET, Corporate Governance Code in 2017 (CG Code) of SEC , the ASEAN CG Scorecard, aligned with SEC 56-1 One Report, and the Boardroom Guidelines of the Institute of Directors (IOD), to ensure continuous compliance with the principles of good corporate governance.

  1. Rights and Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
  2. Roles of Stakeholders and Sustainability Development
  3. Disclosure and Transparency
  4. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors