Sustainable Innovative Digital Economy Provider

JTS is an innovator driving a safe and modern digital economy, focusing on the benefits for all stakeholders and striving for sustainable environmental impact reduction.

Sustainability Development Goals

The Company has realized the importance and therefore established a Risk Management and Sustainability Committee in 2022, which is the first Sustainable Development Policy that was established and focused on technological changes as well as considering changes in the trends of various situations that occur including relevant requirements and internal and external factors that may affect the group of stakeholders, which in 2022, the Company has integrated Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs practices in accordance with business operations with a commitment to achieve success, vision, strategic direction and goals for sustainable development in all sectors.



Sustainability Strategies

From policy and vision which strives to become a leader in the digital technology industry, the Company has set goals as a guideline for corporate sustainability under the framework of sustainable development to achieve the goals. There are strategies that support sustainability operations and process them in a concrete manner by starting to create a database from 2022 onwards as follows:

  • Economic

Enhance sustainable digital economic growth with eco-friendly innovation and technology 

  • Social

Establish Learning Organization to Incubate People and Promote the Company as Employer of Choice

  • Environmental

Encourage our people and all stakeholder throughout the value chain to appreciate the value of the use and management of resources together with the sustainable environmental conservation

JTS Sustainability Issues

The Company and its subsidiaries carry out business activities and related activities to drive the Company’s group to grow and develop sustainably in presenting this sustainability report, the Company has analyzed various factors, both inside and outside, as well as other environments related factors, and evaluated according to the international framework to present this report. In 2022, the Company was in the beginning of the study to consider relevant issues to formulate sustainability strategies which, initially, consider important issues, indicators and scope of relevant impacts. In order to lay the foundation for further sustainable operations, the Company has a process for assessing sustainability issues as follows:



Sustainable Development Report

Sustainability Report 2022