Product & Service

Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited, as ICT systems integrator, engages in turnkey solution business that includes procurement service, system design and integration of Information and Communication Technology. It is for more than 20 years that the Company has provided its services for both the government and the private sectors.


Total Solution We provide you with One Stop Service

As a subsidiary of Jasmine International Public Company Limited, JTS is well supported by several other subsidiaries of Jasmine International Group, that are considered as our strategic partners, being prompt to provide us with; for instances, Broadband Internet, Internet Leased Line, Data Center and Cloud system services, enabling us to always arrange a superb total solution service for the customers.


ICT System Design and Implementation

JTS is a distributor of computer equipment and peripherals. We also provide the customers with consulting service and design and implementation service for computer system, ICT network system, computer network security system and data backup system. We offer a variety of appropriate alternatives to our customers to meet their demand


WiFi System Design and Implementation

With a professional teamwork, JTS provides quality WiFi system design and implementation to various groups of customers; for examples, corporate customers, hotels, condominiums, apartments, schools, factories, etc. We also provide solutions for Hotspot Authentication and System Log, in compliance with the “Computer-related Crime Act (No. 2) B.E. 2560 (2017)

Smart Building System Design and Implementation

Smart Building is a building equipped with IoT-based devices. Computer system is used therein to function as a human brain, connecting all the building systems and enabling automatic control via a smart phone. JTS Smart Building services comprise


Automated Building

This service facilitates the control of the illumination and the air conditioning systems, automatically or online

Smart Access Control

This is an intelligent automatic door access system. With a facial recognition program, the door would automatically open to welcome the faces it recognizes. Temporary access is allowed only when using generated QR code.

Smart CCTV

Our CCTV is smarter with “Motion Sensor” that can transmit signal for threat alert. It is also capable of keeping data in cloud storage to prevent data loss. JTS Smart CCTV includes such new features as facial recognition, people counting, age and gender statistics, heatmap, POS Integration, etc.


JTS provides rental service of Virtual Machine Server for Cloud Computing System. It is cost-saving and the system is easy to start and use, enabling the customers to access data from anywhere in the world.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

JTS provides ICT hardware infrastructure service with Virtual Machine Server (VM), which allows users to flexibly manage their resources; for instances, adding up or resizing the CPU system, hard disk or RAM of the Virtual Machine Server and so on. Since this infrastructure comprises a number of servers with redundancy, the service can continue despite the damage of some/a servers.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

JTS also offers a rental service of software programs via its website; therefore, the customers do not need to invest on their own software and server hardware.

LAN&Fiber Optic Installation

With professional and well experienced teams of engineers and technicians, JTS provides Fiber Optic Connector termination service and system installation service for Optical Fiber Cable System and LAN, both indoor and outdoor.


X* --> Smart Building for Retails : limited only to the CCTV system in order to conduct data analysis, such as people counting, age, gender, zoning analysis, POS Integration, etc.