JTS receives a SET ESG Ratings evaluation result of “BBB” for the first year

Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited (JTS) has received a “BBB” rating in the SET ESG Ratings evaluation for the fiscal year 2023 from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This recognition underscores the Company’s commitment to aligning its business development with sustainable societal, environmental, economic, and corporate governance as the Company is one of the top 10 listed companies in the list of Thailand Sustainability Investment in technology industry. The Company is committed to developing the organization for sustained growth, reflecting its transparent and trustworthy ESG operations in all dimensions to enhance competitiveness and gain acceptance from stakeholders, directly related to the business’s ability to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

The aforementioned award is seen as a reflection of the Company’s commitment to developing its business for sustained growth and emphasizing the integration of business operations with the continuous creation of sustainability across all dimensions, aligning with the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs) together with a clear commitment to managing various issues with a well-defined plan. Furthermore, it serves as a proof to the success of driving the organization forward under the commitment “Sustainable Innovative Digital Economy Provider : JTS, as an innovator, contributes solutions to deploy a secure and modern digital economy, focusing on the benefits for stakeholders and minimizing sustainable environmental impacts.”