JTS Talk @MU Knowledge Sharing of Blockchain Technology and Renewable Energy with Sustainable Development

On 23 November 2022, Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, the President of Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited or JTS, had visited his juniors, the students in the department of engineering at Mahidol University. He, as a speaker, shared the concept of sustainable business operation, the products of JTS and affiliates and the blockchain technology to apply in problem-solving such as money transfer, the increase in efficiency of service providing, etc. Additionally, he explained the vision of the use of solar power in Bitcoin mining farm and exchanged the renewable energy perspectives to the students to build the ideas on their projects or the creativity of technology innovation for the environment which is the trend that the world is focusing on.

The ambience full of warmth from the teachers, enjoyment, and intimacy from senior to junior gave an opportunity to exchange their experiences which is a guideline for living and working beneficial to his junior in the future to be successful in the next career.
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